Before you order you will need your contact lens boxes or your prescription. If you do not know your eye doctors name, but know the store location, you will be asked to provide that during the checkout process. We will contact them to verify your prescription before we ship your order.

Can I order if I have a different prescription for each eye? 

To order different prescriptions for each eye just check the correct eye for each prescription and leave the other eye unchecked.

What is the order process?

To order contacts, you need to fill out your prescription and provide us with your eye doctor information for RX verification. When we receive your order, we will verify your prescription with your eye doctor. We do this as quickly as possible. Once your prescription is verified we will ship your order.

To expedite verification, you can send a copy of your contact lens prescription by fax to 1-856-718-3649 or by email to send email to If you are able to send us a valid copy of your contact lens prescription then we don’t have to contact your eye doctor to verify your order. Please include your order number on the attachment and on the fax or email.

You can place an order using, or call us at 1-888-536-7776.